Vendor Spotlight – Twirlie Whirlies makes my Heart Spin

Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Dear Shannon at Twirlie Whirlies…I have a secret :

Last year I bought some Lilly P. pinwheels for my daughters Preppy Turtle Party, and then found Twirlie Whirlies on Etsy to create perfectly white on white pinwheels to decorate around them. I remember the day they arrived in the mail and I realized for the first time that I REALLY LOVED PINWHEELS. Like…I mean REALLY LOVE….like Chocolate Cake and Diet Coke. REALLY. LOVE.

So, of course, when my little guys birthday started to get close, I emailed Shannon. She quickly made me some perfectly silver pinwheels and put them in the mail….and then a few weeks later….I realized I hadn’t given her the new mailing address from our move and the amazing pinwheels went to our old home…then here, 2 DAYS AFTER the party. ahhh…well, that’s life and I decided they were SO CUTE I HAD TO USE THEM. I was already thinking of a Valentine Playdate and decided right then to add the pinwheels to the Party Design!

I will be sharing the WHOLE Valentine Party this week, but for now….my twirlies

I {HEART} you Twirlie Whirlies…and so do my kids. You make my heart spin.

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  1. I {heart} you to Kori! Long before we even *met* on Twitter, I was an admirer of your lovely shop. So glad we have become friends. I may have to move my entire family to Florida to be near you – no, wait, that would be stalking and a little creepy. But, if you ever want to visit Canada, there will always be a place for you!

    Thanks to you Kori, I’ve been given the bragging rights to Amy Atlas and Kate Landers Events and that, my friend, is truly amazing!


  2. LOVE Shannon and Twirlie Whirlies. Both of you ladies rock and this is one awesome spotlight 😉

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