Paper & Pigtails Designs {in Celebrate Magazine}

Posted on Monday, February 28th, 2011

Last fall, I was asked by my wonderful friend Kate Landers to design something special for her…for a photo shoot she was going to do. As her thoughts came out and the designs started turning in my head, and we hit the ground running! After a few concepts, we settled on the designs she would use in the photo shoot….FOR CELEBRATE MAGAZINE!!!

Seriously people, walking into target on Friday, picking up a magazine, flipping the pages and looking at the designs that were sketches on the computer screen a few short months ago was surreal to say the least!! The magazine isn’t set to “officially be released” until Tuesday, but both Kate and I found copies already in Target last week.

I couldn’t wait to snap some photos to share with you!  Check it out!

{food tent cards and place cards…oh, and check out how the mag used my illustrations to surround the first page on the left!!!}

{invite and return address labels}

{invite, tent cards, cupcake toppers}

{cupcake toppers and tent cards}

{water bottle labels}

{place cards}

{my pinch me moment…P.S. do you see any other names in there you recognize? Like, Better Bit of Butter, Bake it Pretty, Sweeties by Kim, Layla Grace, and more!!!}

Once the magazine is released….you will have online access to THE  PINK LADYBUG PRINTABLES FREE! Yes, seriously! They will be available through the Celebrate website where you can download the PDFs! I will be sure to let you know when I see the link up.

And My Favorite Photo…

Thank you all SO SO MUCH for letting me share this with you! I am honestly so excited and feeling very blessed.

And a VERY VERY Special THANK YOU {like….shout from the rooftops THANK YOU} to Kate Landers for allowing me this amazing opportunity!

0 thoughts on “Paper & Pigtails Designs {in Celebrate Magazine}

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those printables…you rock!

  2. Congratulations!!! The printables are adorable!!!

  3. Wow that is fabulous news! Now I only wish we had such a beautiful magazine here in the UK. I am off to see if I can get it shipped over at all!

  4. LOVE IT! You are way beyond talented:) You shine.

  5. Congratulations, kori!! This is SO exciting!! Love the party & all the printables… you rocked this! xo

  6. Way to go! What an incredible honor and experience for you, which is truly deserved. LOVE!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! This is so awesome and the work is adorable!!! I am so happy for you, too exciting!!

  8. Woo hoo, so exciting!! Congratulations miss Kori!! xo

  9. That is a defining moment for sure. Congratulations. You work is worth publishing.

  10. How exciting! And of course, beautiful work Kori! I can’t wait to see this in the store.

  11. Congratulations!! Everything looks just GORGEOUS!!

  12. This is awesome!

  13. Congrats!! How awesome!! xoxo

  14. Wowza! What a wonderful spread and well deserved recognition! You go, Kori and kudos to all our other party people friends I see! 🙂

  15. It looks amazing!!! I am sooo excited for you! Will have to go buy this issue!!

  16. Im in love with this!!!! Great work!

  17. Wow, what a beautiful spread, Kori! So well deserved, congratulations.

  18. Oh Kori!!!
    I’m SO excited for you!!!
    It’s a beautiful spread too!!!
    LOVE it!

    Can’t wait to pick up the magazine and say, “Hey!!! I know her…we hung out together one afternoon”! *wink*
    Little did I know how much those photos from our Dreamer event would be worth! lol

    And Kate did a beautiful job styling the party – as usual!!

  19. Claudia @ Tini Posh on said:

    Congrats Kori!! Beautiful work..I love it!!

  20. CONGRATS!!!! So exciting, such a beautiful job and so happy for you. Fantastic work. MANY more blessings… Marcie <3

  21. CONGRATS!!!!!! You deserve it!

  22. CONGRATS Kori!!!!!! Love it! How exciting for you and Kate Landers. {This is one of my favorite magazines.}

  23. I’m so very excited for both you and Kate, and all the other ladies! The spread is just beautiful and the designs are adorable! Congrats, congrats!!!!

  24. Eeekkkk!!!! You must just be BEAMING!!!! Congrats to you! Totally deserved! The collection is FABULOUS!!!!
    Hugs from Genevieve =)

  25. How WONDERFUL! Congrats to you — that is a truly dreamy feature, and your work looks fantastic! I hope you go celebrate tonight!

  26. These printables are totally adorable. I can’t wait to go get my copy and check out the article. Great job!


  27. That’s awesome!!! I’m so excited for you! Congrats;o)

  28. Kori! This is so wonderful and the printables are beautiful as usual! Congratulations, so well deserved! XO

  29. Congratulations! It is a great moment for you. And I am sure that it is just the beginning.

  30. WOW Kori!!! What a dream come true!!! Kate did a beautiful spread as usual and your designs are gorgeous! Congratulations to you ladies!!

  31. Congratulations!! Beautiful spread!!!

  32. Kori on said:

    Thank you so much for all of the kind words!!

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