Peppermints and Ice {Mood Board}

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Hello Friends! I am feeling pretty chipper this morning as we are finally getting a little chill to the air! Yesterday I shot one of the new holiday sets and I thought today I would share a mood board that is perfect for the new set and hopefully can inspire you as you start your holiday party planning!! Enjoy!

{Peppermints and Ice}

What colors are you loving for this holiday season?

0 thoughts on “Peppermints and Ice {Mood Board}

  1. i love the images! and doesn’t this weather just make you want to do a happy dance??

  2. I love all the pictures and the candy looks oh so good! Right now I am loving Orange and Browns, but with Christmas around the corner I love the Green, Reds and Silvers!

  3. You are getting me so excited for Christmas! beautiful photography by the way!

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