A DINO-MITE Party & NEW Printable Set!

Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

You may remember a few posts about my friend Amy from Buggie and Jellybean….O.K. more than a few….I adore her and her creativity and love of creating fun things for her kids, friends, and family. She inspires me each time we chat and when I get  a gmail chat from Amy that says something like this “OK…We have decided on Buggie/Jellybeans party theme….ARE YOU READY??” I get chills from her excitement! This past party was no different as it was a celebration for her little Jellybean who turned two! He loves dinosaurs, so we ran with it and found a way to make it hip and modern…you know a true DINO-MITE party design!

Now, enjoy seeing Nolans Big Day and the NEWEST set in the Etsy Shop – Dino Mite!

 Can you believe these tails that Amy made for all of the kids?? I am so in love with the bows on the girl dino tails…seriously brilliant!

The creativity in food is something else I am in love with…from “Cherrio volcanoes” to “Dino track cookies” to “Dino claws”, Amy made some seriously cute treats and you can learn more about them on her blog!


Could this Birthday boy be any cuter?? I also gave Amy the Dino Graphic and she made a shirt for him to match the party!! LOVE IT!

Thank you Amy for the AMAZING photos and working with me to come up with such a darling design!

See the whole set now in the shop!! 

13 thoughts on “A DINO-MITE Party & NEW Printable Set!

  1. I love Amy – her blog is wonderful and REAL (which i adore). Great party and awesome Dino-mite invitation – very fresh and vibrant!!

  2. Completely Agree Stacy!! I could write a whole post on how much I adore her!

  3. Chandra on said:

    Awesome! So much funny for the kids.
    Congrats 🙂

  4. Thank you Kori for my being my friend and partner in crime when it comes to planning my kiddies parties!! I could not have planned their birthdays anymore better, exactly 6 mnths apart, so I get to optimism our little collaborations!


  5. Oh my gosh those tails on the chairs are just to darn cute! Totally adorable!!

  6. LoVe the Dino Tails…especially the ones with bow! CuTe collection!

  7. Alexis on said:

    Adorable!! Love all the treats!

  8. I love this party!!!! Adore it!

  9. Such a cute party… Those Dino tails are amazing!

  10. LOVE this! As a mom of an almost-three-year-old boy, this is absolutely perfect (the Dino Tails are my favorite part)! xo

  11. The link to ‘see the whole set now in the shop’ isn’t working. I would love to see all the items that come in the Dino-Mite set! I too Love the tails!

  12. I looooove the tail and the way they transformed from a party decoration to the event costume!! Soooo cute!

  13. Kylie Barrett on said:

    Hi – I am having trouble finding the dino tales anywhere?

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