Little Cowpoke Birthday {Real Party}

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


I am so excited to share this adorable Little Cowpoke Birthday for one of the sweetest little guys I know! My good friend, Lisa, does the most beautiful job on her kids parties, so I was thrilled that she used one of my designs and let me snap photos of all of her beautiful work! Her littlest wanted a “Woody” party for his third birthday, but she didn’t want it to scream character, so I designed a cowboy theme and she added the toy story characters around the home  to bring his party theme to life! {Notice Woody on the dessert table in the photo above?}

We started with the invite. {Available HERE}



I used our circus party signs and customized the colors for the party! I also added stars with little circles at the points to represent the “sheriff” star and carried that through the designs.


I loved how Lisa used twisted and tied rope to look just like barbed wire! She is so creative!






We created tent cards and party circles to coordinate that are available now in the Etsy shop!


I thought it was so cute how she mounted the signs to cardboard and used galvanized pails throughout the house to tie everything together!




Along with the favor box, each little one took home a bandana and a cowboy hat! kidstable2

The table centerpieces were large party circles (available upon request) in a little galvanized bucket. For the table runners, she wanted to tie in Woody from Toy Story by using the yellow fabric with red checks like his shirt…not being able to find any, she used a red pen on yellow fabric and created her own!


Can I just ask you to peek beyond the banner and admire her STUNNING fireplace for a second? I seriously love it!! Ok…back to the party!




This guy maybe one of the cutest cowpokes ever!!

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  1. Nancy McPherson on said:

    Super cute!! Love all of the yellow in the paper designs and party decor. Cute, cute, cute!!!

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