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Not every “clip art” site has what you need, and lets face it… you can spend hours online looking for a certain illustration, watercolor, or design only to find it doesn’t have a commercial license, or to find you are settling for something that’s “not quite right”. I want to serve my freelance clients so that they can better serve their clients.

I am a freelance illustrator and designer for boutique businesses and for creative brands. My goal is to create the graphics you need to move your business along efficiently and with style, whether that is a graphic for a new tee shirt line, or custom watercolors for a thoughtfully branded note card set.


My business is strongly rooted in the belief that by combining my art with other talented creative’s visions, we can produce beautiful results, happy clients, and more time spent doing the work we each love. Let me create custom illustrations or graphics to elevate your business! 

With pricing based on your specific needs, and options for both business and personal usage rights, I can come up with a solution to your design needs and budget!




Illustrations and Design for DIY Network


Watercolors and Illustrations for a Sweets Poster created in Collaboration with calligrapher, A styled Fete


Watercolor and Illustration created for Jacuzzi

Pattern design

Pattern illustration and watercolor



Illustration and Gouache Painting


I would love to discuss how I could work for you! Email me to chat at

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