Custom Ocean Watercolor

Custom Ocean Watercolor
You can place it, move it around, lift it, color it, and try to have control...but like life, water moves anyway, it soaks into patterns that you didn't expect, it flows to the edges or to the center, it blends into hundreds of shades that you didn't know were there. You can't control water any more than you can control life, but you can always flow with it.

My desire when I paint Ocean Inspired watercolors is to show that beauty lives in the unexpected. I want these paintings to bring peace, calm, and joy in the midst of a chaotic world. It's my hope that these paintings will carry you to a place where you felt the beauty of water.

The Custom Ocean Watercolor is one that we will create together, based off of the designs you see in these photos. I will create either an ocean or a beach watercolor in the shades of blue that you would like and in the size you choose at check out. Watercolors are painted on #140 archival paper hand cut to the size of your choice.

Watercolors are protected in plastic and rolled for shipping. Custom paintings take 2-3 weeks from the time of the artist consultation to complete. Artist consultation will occur via email within 48 hours of purchase.

Contact with questions or special requests.
Price: $90.00
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