ABOUT KORI Hi and Thanks so much for visiting my site! My name is Kori and I am an illustrator, watercolorist, designer, artist, and blogger. I am a southern girl, with a coastal soul. I was born in texas, raised in Louisiana, and now am loving life in Florida with my husband, two kids, and three dogs. My moves along the gulf coast have given me plenty of inspiration and a heart for the water. I’m honored to have had designs seen on HGTV.com, DIYNetwork.com , and Marthstewartweddings.com.


ABOUT MY WATERCOLOR PORTRAITS AND PAINTINGS  You can place it, move it around, lift it, color it, and try to have control… But like life, water moves anyway, it soaks into patterns you didn’t expect, it flows to the edges or to the center, It blends into colors you didn’t know were there. You can’t control water any more than you can control life , but you can always flow with it. My desire when I paint is that my Watercolors show that beauty lives in the unexpected. I want them to bring peace, calm and joy in a chaotic world.


ABOUT CUSTOM WORK  I love doing custom illustrations, watercolors, and graphics! Hit that little “contact” link at the top and shoot me an email to discuss what I can do for you!


ABOUT GRAPHICS & ILLUSTRATIONS I want to provide a way for people to spend more time focused on what they love. Many designers love the aspect of page layout, logo design, typography, stationery design, media and marketing, DIY projects, crafts and more…yet spend a lot of time looking for the right clip art, graphics, or trying to learn how to draw them. My purpose for designing custom artwork is to provide fresh, unique graphics that can be used for a wide range of products when paired with the Commercial License, or can be used for personal designs with the Personal License.

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