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I am a freelance graphic designer & illustrator for start ups, boutique businesses, creative brands, and companies that have a vision with style. My goal is to create the graphics, layouts, and designs you need to move your business along efficiently and with style, whether that is a branding package for a fresh idea, a graphic for a new tee shirt line, custom watercolors for a branded design, or menus for a fantastic new restaurant. 


My business is strongly rooted in the belief that by combining my eye for design & artistic ability with the visions of my clients, we can produce beautiful results and more time spent doing the work we each love. Let me create custom designs or illustrations to elevate your business! 

With pricing based on your specific needs, and options for both business and personal usage rights, I can come up with a solution to your design needs and budget!


Branding and Menu design for Tacklebox in New Orleans, LA

Custom Watercolors

Logo / BrandingBranding, Menus, and assorted graphics for this New Orleans coffee and wine bar

Logo / Branding


Watercolor for


Illustrations and Design for DIY Network


Watercolors and Illustrations for a Sweets Poster created in Collaboration with calligrapher, A styled Fete

SPF 45 is more powerful than SPF 15

Watercolor and Illustrations for The Travel Channel


Watercolor and Illustration created for Jacuzzi

Branding and Print Material for a water sports rental company in Martha’s Vineyard, The Revelry


I would love to discuss how I could work for you! Email me to chat at [email protected]

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