Free January Wallpapers to Pretty up your Tech!

Here we go! It’s January and 7 days in I think we are feeling a little emotionally wiped out. I truly do believe this year will be bringing joy, but we have to help make it happen. I started this year committing to engage in a painting or do something creative ever single day. Some days that may be styling my coffee table and some days it’s painting just one more… it’s my way of insuring my joy in 2021. I to had fun doing a few extra paintings for January so I hope you can switch these up and maybe even use them into the rest of 2021 to bring some joy to your pretty phone! ❤️

First up are my two “calm night” designs. Just click the large version of any design you like and save it to your camera roll to use it as wallpaper.

Next up is a painting I kinda loved. It’s so simple but meaningful. Don’t look back… we aren’t going that way.
Fly Straight

Next up are a few more variations I created for fun.
Ocean Breezes


Enjoy, stay safe, keep moving forward, keep seeking joy.

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