New Years Prep and Freebie Roundup

Y’all, who else is so ready to start a new year?? Yes, yes, my internal negative Nelly is reminding me that we will have “more of the same” for a while at least… but when I started thinking about it, here is what I decided. Is Covid leaving with 2020? Nope. Am I prepared this year in a way I wasn’t last year? Yep. While some things won’t change exactly, my mind and emotions (and I bet yours as well) have grown and I am so much better equipped to handle whatever 2021 throws at us. Looking back, I think I took advantage of a lot of blessings that I now hold dear. So, while 2021 may still have it’s share of struggles, I am so thrilled to jump into the ring. I plan to work on building up my health and immune system and even my mental health by committing to daily creativity.

Now… Here are a couple of my New Years favorites from time gone by to help with your celebrations this week! Download and enjoy!

Champagne Toast Wallpaper

New Years Printable Tent Cards – Created for DIY Network

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