My Girlies Invite!

So, what happens when you ask an almost 4 year old what she would like to do for her birthday…she says something like this “I want a day camp party (her favorite book)….no….I know! A girl pirate party, and I can be Izzy (thank you Disney for Jake and the Neverland Pirates)….WAIT…I want a FLOWER PARTY…YES, A PINK ONE!” I waited a few days to ask again and make sure her mind wasn’t changing again….then asked “So, what kind of party do you want?” Her answer “Mooooom (sounding much to close to a 16year old), I thought we were having a Pink Flower Party? That’s my FAVORITE“.

OK then, Prissy Pants, pink flower party it is! Ever since, we have been making every DIY flower we can find a tutorial for and having a blast with it. I asked for other colors and she said yellow as it’s mommy’s favorite and then we decided green is a good addition due to the nature aspect. I wanted her invite to have playful illustrated flowers, with a sweet garden party feel. I used a whimsical font and kept the type simple. I am DYING to hear what you all think……**holding breath**

Now that I am adding sets in the shop that include pattern paper, I decided to print pattern paper from this new set for her envelope liners, than I created editable address wraps to coordinate!

My little princess has always been a tomboy…she loves dirt, bugs, flowers, nature, animals, and being outside. However, over the last year or so, she has taken a very girly turn…wanting to wear skirts and dresses, be a princess, and loving the color pink. I really think this flower garden theme couldn’t have been more perfect for her, she gets her girly and she gets her nature.

I can’t wait to share more as the party gets closer!

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  1. Jennifer Needham

    Really charming — and I so relate to your daughter changing her mind about what type of party she wants. Way to go with the flow, mom!

  2. Nancy McPherson

    This is amazing!! I love the artistc, whimsical flowers and love, love the layout with all of the details at the bottom. The scallop trim is perfect. I can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  3. DARLING! I love it and can’t wait to see the rest. I feel you on the themes. My London is already trying to plan her 5th birthday. She’s requesting Scooby-Doo. OH BOY.

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