Happy Birthday Princess

It’s so hard for me to believe it was 4 years ago today that I called my husband at work to tell him it was time to go….

It’s funny how I can feel that she has always been part of me and I don’t remember life without her in it….yet in the exact same instant, it seems like she was only just born….

My little princess is –

A girl who loves flowers, nature, animals, babies, family, and friends.

A girl who has witty, hilarious comebacks to every thing that happens.

A girl who loves to learn.

A girl who isn’t afraid to tell you that she is a princess.

A girl who says every day is “THE BEST DAY EVER”

A girl who requested spaghetti and hot chocolate with snowman marshmallows for dinner (wish me luck finding snowman marshmallows in August)

A girl who has changed my life and taught me about the important things in life in only four short years.


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  1. Beautiful Miss C, we wish you the happiest of birthdays! I remember the day you called hubby at work to tell him it was time, too, Kori! It seems like forever ago and just yesterday all at the same time! Now I am teary eyed so that is all I will say! Love you and C!

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