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Well, it’s about that time again. New iPhone time!! Now, understand that I am not someone who changes phones with each new update. Usually, I am quite the opposite, being a creature of habit, I don’t like to give up my trusted and reliable phone for something new that I get confused with (I mean, why doesn’t my home screen pop up automatically anymore with the latest update? Sigh!!)

Anyhow, when this update came out I was “eligible” for an upgrade and could trade in my phone to cover most of the cost… this combined with the iPhone 7’s camera and video capabilities pretty much drove me to the decision to go ahead and get the 7+. Nothing in life is that simple, so with the order of the new phone came the realization that I needed a new phone case! I envy those who can walk around confidently with their phones completely unprotected because I assume that they must be very graceful. I, on the other hand, am accident prone which makes a case a necessity!

When my friends at Zazzle reached out about checking out their new iPhone 7 cases, I was thrilled and excited to come up with some new designs for them. I have been doing a lot of custom Ocean Watercolors (SEEN HERE) lately and knew that I would love a case that was similar. The design reminded me of days at the beach, provided the feeling of peace and serenity that I often need while zipping from school to practices to work.


Of course I had to order the “tough case” instead of barely there, but sometimes you have to be practical!



You can find my case here in my Zazzle Shop  or view any of the designs on Zazzle HERE! 

Also, an added bonus, use the coupon code ZARTSNCRAFTS to receive 20% Off Sitewide ends Saturday 10/29 11:59 PM!

Now let’s get this weekend rolling! xoxo



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