5 Weird Ways to Spark Creativity

{ heartbeat painting – Kori Clark }

Y’all, we all hit that creative slump. whether you are redecorating or starting a painting, sometimes the juices just won’t flow creatively. Now, I will tell you that the more you creative, the easier the creativity seems to come, but there are still times when it’s just not working… so today I am going to cover 5 weird ways to spark creativity.

Now first I should explain that when I say “weird” I don’t mean weird things, but instead things you wouldn’t think would spark creativity… making them weird for this.

  1. CLEAN : I know… you want to stop reading this right now and hate me…but hear me out! Clutter feels like chaos. Studies have shown to create anxiety, stress, and even depression in some people. Does that sound like the mental space that sparks creativity? Ummm no. Taking just a few minutes to declutter your space will help clear your mind and raise your spirits. You will have a greater sense of calm and that allows creativity to flow much easier! (PS be on the lookout next week for a printable spring cleaning checklist!)
  2. SLEEP : This is one that will take time, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep, your creativity will feel the effects. If you find that you are struggling with creativity over a period of time… look at your sleep schedule. Are you getting enough? The well rested mind and soul operates much more smoothly than one that’s worn out.
  3. GO OUTSIDE : This actually can have many benefits for creativity! First, the process of changing your scenery is refreshing when you feel stumped. Second, nature is inspiring… plain and simple… the colors, textures, lighting, all of it. Nature is my favorite form of art. Lastly, going outside requires you to move and something as simple as a walk can be enough exercise to jump start that creativity again!
  4. BE CREATIVE (in another way) : I know… you are saying “uh, Kori? That’s kind of the problem!” What I am saying here is to do something creative that is different than where your creative block is. For example, if you are trying to decorate a room and feeling creative blocks, then go look at some fashion blogs and cute outfits. The colors and textures may influence your thoughts and before you know it, you have the perfect couch picked out!
  5. WALK away : As I mentioned in #3, walking can get your body moving and start to clear the mind. There are also quite a few new scientific studies that show how exercise may actually be improving imagination and creativity! YAY!

So there  you have it! If you are feeling stumped creatively, give those things a shot and see what happens. Make this your most creative year yet!





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