Week 8 Freebies!

Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2012

Without ruining the fun…. I can tell you that this isn’t the last of the freebies for this year! Some of you mentioned Holiday Tags, and I now have those designs in the process… but I can’t tell you more about them yet! Just know they will be cute and editable!!

Today is the last of the 8 WEEKS of free printables though, so check out what I have and download them!! {PS you can go back and download all of the other freebies still too…actually any freebie I have ever offered on this blog is still available for free download, so run a search and have a party!!}

Now…for today! I had a few people suggest address labels and with the holidays coming up, I agreed this was a great idea! There are 3 in the set, 2 of them are wraps (8″x2″) which you print on full label paper, cut into strips and wrap around the envelope, and the 3rd design is an address label that you simply print on full label paper and cut into squares, or punch out with a 2″ or 2.25″ punch!


Easy and cute to dress up those envelopes!!

I am now off to Blog Fete to spend the weekend with some amazing old friends and meet some fabulous new ones! Happy Friday all!


6 thoughts on “Week 8 Freebies!

  1. KAILEEN on said:


    • Kori on said:

      Hi Kaileen! When you click the link that says “download here” they should automatically download for you! If they don’t I can email them to you, just let me know!

      • Hi, I’m Linda. I’m looking for the Address
        label download that will cover 2 columns (30)
        that measure 1×2-5/8. If you can send me the round one for address label that would great.
        Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi- Can you edit the design color on this? I love it!!! Thank you so much!

    • Unfortunately you can’t, but I am always happy to make one as a custom order for you! =)

      • jaynne on said:

        I was wondering if you are able to create one for me. The envelope is like a ivory shimmery color and the invite is silver baby blue in the background and that same ivory shimmery color where the wording is on. It is a bit modern and elegant. please let me know thanks!

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