Bella's Birthday

When a friend told me the story of a little girl she knew, Bella, that had stage 4 neuroblastoma my heart just hurt. Bella is just a little older than my own daughter, and my friend’s daughter, so it hit home for us both.

Later, my super talented friend, Lindsey (of Bella Grace Party Designs), said she would be helping with things for Bella’s third birthday party and asked if I could do the invitations. Of course I jumped at the chance, as I didn’t know how else I could help.

Her mom went to my Etsy Shop, and picked out this card….

only she didn’t want to add a photo. (Photo above taken for my shop sample by Courtney Vickers of Courtney Vickers Photography)…

So, I redesigned the card for her, and decided the invitations would be even cuter with a glittery cupcake! Once the invites were ordered, I go to work using Martha Stewart Glitter Glue (I love this stuff) and fine glitter.

After adding the glue and the glitter, I was able to shake off the extra….and…..

I hope that Bella and her mom love the invitations and she has the most amazing third birthday ever.

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