Welcome Holden Christopher Clark

Last Tuesday morning, I went to my OB for yet another check up. I was quite disappointed to realize I had still not made any further progress towards labor and would be going into the hospital Tuesday night at 7pm to be induced. Though I knew being induced was the best choice for us, I was hoping to go into labor before then. I was quite scared of the “unknown” of induction!

I came home from the Doctor, cried a little at the realness of everything, and started making sure everything was ready for us to leave. I started feeling crampy over the day, but assumed it was because of the check up I had that morning. Around 4:00pm I decided to pay attention to the minor cramping and found I was having contractions at regular intervals! I couldn’t believe it, only a few hours before I was scheduled, our little guy decided to go ahead and come on his own!

Chris rushed home from work and we left for the hospital. I was quite comfortable for most of the early stages, and by the time I got VERY uncomfortable, a nice man came into my hospital room and gave me a special happy medicine which made everything much better. We waited a few hours, and then, just as simply as that, Holden Christopher was born. He made his arrival promptly at 10:30pm, weighing 7lbs 7.5oz and measuring 19.75in long (of course at his one week appt. he was 21in, so I think he was still scrunched when the nurses measured).

I am not sure that I can put into words how I feel about him, other than to say I don’t know how we lived this long without him. I think we all agree that he truly completes this family. Big sister Charlotte is completely in love with him and wants to hold him all the time, and who can blame her? His daddy loves to hold him after a long day and watch him sleep, and again, who could blame him?

So far, he seems to have a very sweet and layed back personality. Which is perfect considering he is thrown into a busy family and will be having to go with the flow!

Welcome Holden, we are so glad you are here safe and sound! We couldn’t ask for a more perfect blessing.

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