Paper & Pigtails

Perhaps you noticed some subtle changes over the last month or two…like my name changing on Twitter, or the new fan page on Facebook I have been promoting…. or the fact that I haven’t posted to the blog in two months (Oh wait, that’s pretty normal!) OK, I guess subtle isn’t the right word. I have kind of been screaming in excitement!

My shop of invitations, Kori Clark Designs, has MERGED into a full Printable Party shop. I have been working with Lindsey of Bella Grace Party Designs on ideas and graphics for parties since we met, and after Lindsey’s Love Birds Party was featured on several party blogs, I began receiving requests for the graphics and party materials. Well, I decided to give the people what they asked for and opened PAPER & PIGTAILS!!! It’s an etsy shop full of custom DIY Party designs! I provide you with the designs and you print, cut, and throw a FABULOUS party!

Check out some of the things you will find in the shop.

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