Meatloaf Cupcakes

Soooo…the title of this post does honestly gross me out, but I feel like these would be similar to a mini Shepard’s pie. I would also like to think that because the title “meatloaf cupcakes” sounds gross, that I wouldn’t eat them….but anyone who knows me knows I will eat anything approved by the FDA (and sometimes things that aren’t) and would likely polish off a pan of these without a second thought. These may even make dinner more fun for the kids…ok…KID, I wouldn’t feed them to my 7 month old!!!

I found two recipes and I fully plan on trying both.

Check them out!

{Photo from the fabulous Bakerella}

CLICK HERE for the recipe from Bakerella on The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. If you don’t know the Pioneer Woman, you should!!! She is hilarious, fabulous, and inspirational to every facet of life! Check out her site HERE and expect to lose some time looking around and laughing.

{Photos from Fine Furious Life originally posted (5/14/2008)}

Although Fine Furious Life no longer exists, you can still find the recipe from an adorable food site, Unfork. Click HERE to see the recipe and post from Unfork.

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  1. I think meatloaf cupcakes is a BRILLIANT idea!!! I am so inspired by that. I definitely do not think it is gross. Would totally eat them AND serve them to my family. Why not? Like you said, kind of like a meat pie or a shepherds pie.

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