A Berry Sweet Shower

I recently had a graphic design friend ask how it feels to send off designs to people and not know how they turn out in the end. You see, whenever anyone creates something, there is pride and love that goes into it. Whether it’s pancakes you made this morning, or your own child’s sweet face…it’s nice to know the {whole} story after putting love into something. So, honestly, I assume that EVERY time I send customized designs to a sweet customer they turn out amazing and loved in the end. Perhaps they do, and perhaps that’s a fantasy that makes me happy, but either way getting emails full of photos makes me think I am correct!

I was thrilled to receive the email from the super sweet Melissa with photos of the strawberry shower. She contacted me to customize the “So Sweet” set to have a custom illustrated strawberry {that matched the table cloth} instead of the cake graphic. The colors also changed from Pink & Green to Red & Green.

You can see all of the love that went into this shower! I adore how many strawberry’s they had, just check out the food table. One of my favorite things was that they added the unexpected hints of blue into the red and green color scheme. The soft blue really brightened everything up and tied in the sweet strawberry tablecloth that was the inspiration.

Thank you Melissa for sharing your party us and a big congrats to the mommy to be, Sarah.

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