Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Somehow, three years have past since I rushed to the hospital nervous, excited, and in a LOT of pain to have my first baby. I remember that day with astounding clarity…from thinking to myself at 9am “I think today will be the day” to the phone call I made to my husband to say “I think I am in labor, but no rush…enjoy your lunch” , to being eternally grateful that he didn’t listen and came straight home. I remember the car ride to the hospital and being rushed upstairs…I remember not really being certain how to understand the change we were about to face in our lives, and finally…I remember holding this beautiful, perfect, angel and looking at my husband in shock and disbelief that she was finally here.

Now, I am in shock and disbelief once more. My “baby girl” is really not a “baby” anymore. When she turned two, she still couldn’t carry on a true conversation and she was in diapers…I was able to tell myself she was still a baby. Now, as she turns three, she is a girl. She doesn’t need diapers or someone to cut up her food. She can carry on a conversation with just about anyone who takes the time to listen.

We spent yesterday morning outside playing in the back yard and taking the time to just talk and spend time together. Then, before she went to bed last night she said “Mom, am I a baby girl?”. I responded “You will always be MY baby girl” and she smiled and climbed into my lap….It’s funny how she seems to know just what I need.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine.

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  1. Happy Birthday Gorgous little Charlotte

    P.S. Kori, she looks like a spitting image of Chris in that last pic!!!

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