Easiest DIY Streamers EVER

As I am SURE you know, I love to be able to do things myself. There is certainly a sense of pride from creating something, even if (or ESPECIALLY if) you aren’t very crafty! This DIY spirit is the premise for Paper & Pigtails, all of the products can be made with a minimal amount of supplies and “craftiness”! I have had customers tell me they were “scared of DIY projects” then later tell me how much fun they had!

For my daughter’s Preppy Turtle Party, we made all of the designs, supplies, and planned out the tables…then sat back and decided we wanted more hanging than just the sheer curtains. I wanted something tall, to frame the table, that went with the theme, without distracting from the table or fabulous elements. Next was the real clincher….I didn’t want to spend another dime! I had to see what I had, and what I could do…

First, these came to mind and I loved them!!

{Image and AMAZING TUTORIAL here on Project Wedding}

Only I didn’t have a lot of the things needed for this project and like I said…I didn’t want to spend another dime. I also wanted a project I could have fun doing with my 3 year old! SO, here were my supplies

and here was what I ended up with

{Streamer Photos Courtesy of Courtney Vickers Photography}

For full details on how to make these SIMPLE TWO STEP party streamers, visit Pizzazzerie !

There is a sweet party feature and DIY Details!

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