Honey Wheat {Sneak Peek}

Here is a SNEAK PEEK from last weekends Open House! We all know that invitations set the tone for the party, so here are the invites. I wanted a warm, fall, homemade feel…what do you think???

We hosted an open house so that friends could drive down to see the new house and spend some time with us! (an hour or two from where our friends all live and where we moved from) When thinking about our new home and preparing to move in, I created this “Honey&Wheat” inspiration board which ended up becoming the theme for our open house!

We found different types of local honey and had a “tasting area” which I will share with you in the party photos! Honey has so many health benefits and it was a lot of fun to learn about local foods and host a more “family/grown up” event than the “kids” parties I have done before. Although our home was full of children, we hope the adults loved it too. The theme was perfect, because although it is ULTRA sappy, I want this home to continue to be filled with warmth and sweetness and that’s what this celebration was about!

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    1. Thank you Kim!! No, I didn’t take any classes, I think the art side of my brain functions best! Luckily I don’t have a math blog!! =)

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