THE REAL DIY! 2011 Editable Designs!

Good Morning and HAPPY 2011! This is going to be a fun year and I hope you all plan to live it to the fullest!

The first order of business, I am SOOO excited to be able to offer EDITABLE designs to Paper & Pigtails this year! That’s right…I will send you the invite (food card, etc.) that you can print blank to write into, OR you can TYPE directly into, save, and print!!! I know personally how many times I decided to reword something, change the time, or add in an extra dessert for a party and when your supplies/invites are pre-designed that’s not an option. WELL, now, if you have Adobe Reader (a free download if you don’t have it) you can open your printable party supplies, type in your information, save, and print as many as you want! When you purchase the editable invitations, you actually receive a BONUS too. You will get two files!! One file is set up exactly like the ones you see in the shop listing photos (with placement and font size the same), and the other file is one large text box with one coordinating font. This way, if you need to type your invitation in an unconventional layout, you can. The added benefit is that you can use this second file for menu cards or signage, thank you notes, or anything else you can think of for your party!

The fonts and colors are already set into the design, so when you type they will show up like the photos! If you don’t have Adobe Reader, or don’t want to use the type in feature, you have a nice blank design that you can write into, design in, or place your own typed card.

I have begun adding EDITABLE invites into the shop and will be adding many more in the coming days. If you see anything in the shop that you would like as an editable file, please contact me for information and a custom listing.

NOW, the difference in the Editable and Custom designs –

Custom designs are just what I have had available for the past year. I place the type and will change the font , change the design colors, add a photo, and change invite size and no additional charge. True custom designs (like adding additional artwork, or a new theme) are a separate custom charge and are taken on a case by case basis.

Editable Designs are just as you see in the photos. The colors, layout, and sizing cannot be altered.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this wonderful new option in the Paper & Pigtails shop!!! Now, get shopping and HAPPY 2011!

{Photo by Courtney Vickers Photograhy}

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