It’s a Monster of a Valentine Party

How could you not love these little guys? I mean COME ON!! My party pal Kristy, of The Purple Pug recently agreed to design a table for a special occasion and it was to be Valentine themed….well I know a few things about Kristy

1) She loves glitter

2) She loves purple

3) She has 2 darling boys who she likes to craft and party with (yes, BOY PARTIES, YAY!)

4) She likes to do weird things original things which always turn out so wonderful it blows me away!

So, really, it’s no surprise she choose a MONSTER LOVE Valentine table to design. I couldn’t wait to share it because it is ridiculously cute, FULL OF DIY crafts, a fun valentine for boys and girls, AND because I was lucky enough to be able to design some printables for her to use!

She was kind enough to let me design an EDITABLE and printable banner for her and sent me a photo of these cute yarn guys. I used that to illustrate my own yarn monster, and do yarn squiggle designs. How cute is this? She printed, cut, assembled, and GLITTERED {did I mention Kristy is slightly fond of glitter} the banner. I also used the yarn pattern to email her full page designs that she was able to print and craft into other parts of the design!

Like to cover trident gum!! How fabulous! I love that Kristy’s table is really things you can find around the house without a huge expense!

and under these pop tart hearts! Yes, she simply used a cookie cutter and cut them out! Did I mention she was creative?

These bags are probably my favorite! I love to see kids being kids! How fun would it be to get this valentine!!

Check out the whole table! Adorable!

For a lot more photos and inspiration, check out the full post on Kristy’s blog – The Purple Pug {did I mention she likes purple?}

Thank you Kristy for letting me share this party!

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