Freelance Friday – Prepare to feel your soul move

This week I worked on several freelance projects other than the ones you see, but only one moved me to tears while working. Now, I should note I am VERY SENSITIVE and prone to drop a tear, but this project in particular reminded me of the amazing power of human kindness. It reminded me of those children in the world who are the age of my own children and are suffering, and of the people whose love reaches so much further than blood.

You may remember I gave a gift card to some gift bundles to help raise money to bring a little girl home, to her family that she has yet to meet half way around the world. The Anderson family { Anderson Crew BLOG } is adopting a little girl named Elsa and  this past week I was able to design an invite for Emily’s sprinkle. I worked with the CUTEST, Amy of Buggy and Jellybean to design it {and she found the beautiful poem} and I looked back through Emily’s blog posts for inspiration. {note the kids custom onsies and the globe with the heart….ahhh melt}

I found inspiration not only for this invitation, but inspiration for life, love, and family. I hope you take a moment to read her blog and be inspired by her. Her words are real and funny and I personally am relieved that this beautiful little girl, Elsa, was so fortunate to find her family, even if they were half way around the world the day she was born. {Anderson Crew BLOG }

Here is the Invitation and HAPPY FRIDAY –

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