Vendor Spotlight – Twirlie Whirlies makes my Heart Spin

Dear Shannon at Twirlie Whirlies…I have a secret :

Last year I bought some Lilly P. pinwheels for my daughters Preppy Turtle Party, and then found Twirlie Whirlies on Etsy to create perfectly white on white pinwheels to decorate around them. I remember the day they arrived in the mail and I realized for the first time that I REALLY LOVED PINWHEELS. Like…I mean REALLY LOVE….like Chocolate Cake and Diet Coke. REALLY. LOVE.

So, of course, when my little guys birthday started to get close, I emailed Shannon. She quickly made me some perfectly silver pinwheels and put them in the mail….and then a few weeks later….I realized I hadn’t given her the new mailing address from our move and the amazing pinwheels went to our old home…then here, 2 DAYS AFTER the party. ahhh…well, that’s life and I decided they were SO CUTE I HAD TO USE THEM. I was already thinking of a Valentine Playdate and decided right then to add the pinwheels to the Party Design!

I will be sharing the WHOLE Valentine Party this week, but for now….my twirlies

I {HEART} you Twirlie Whirlies…and so do my kids. You make my heart spin.

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  1. I {heart} you to Kori! Long before we even *met* on Twitter, I was an admirer of your lovely shop. So glad we have become friends. I may have to move my entire family to Florida to be near you – no, wait, that would be stalking and a little creepy. But, if you ever want to visit Canada, there will always be a place for you!

    Thanks to you Kori, I’ve been given the bragging rights to Amy Atlas and Kate Landers Events and that, my friend, is truly amazing!


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