Letters Of Love Valentine Playdate!

I am so excited to share the Valentine Playdate I held for my little ones and their friends recently! We have company staying with us for three weeks, so we choose to host it early before life got to crazy and to highlight the Etsy Shops Printable Party Designs for Valentines Day!

As this was a playdate, I wanted to keep it rather low key and I am so excited by how it all turned out regardless of the lack of time and money spent. This is the first “party” I have hosted recently that didn’t require a lot of baking, specialty candies, or special order items! All of the food was from a local grocery (including the fantastic yogurt covered pretzels small and large) except the strawberry filled cookies made by myself, and the lovely and amazing sugar cookies my friend Sasha showed up with as a surprise!

As for decorations, I was able to use the AMAZING pinwheels sent by Twirlie Whirlies, my printable set, the cutest mini tin mailboxes on candlesticks, and green “grass”. I ordered the mailboxes from a cute home school site and  now found them at Target in the dollar section!! Talk about making it easy to recreate!

Here are a few photos I wanted to share and the full PRINTABLE / EDITABLE SET IS AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP! The set is %50 off until Feb 7th! I tried taking photos myself, but luckily my photographer friend, Courtney Vickers, hijacked my camera and shot some amazing ones!! Thank you Courtney!

Here is the LOVE LETTER PRINTABLE / EDITABLE SET from the shop!

I was so fortunate to guest blog on Celebrations at Home this past week and posted about this party! If you didn’t see it, check it out for all the details and photos!

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