Freelance Friday {Twins Pirate Party}

Yes…it’s late, but it’s Still Friday for 30 minutes!

Anyone who is familiar with Tampa knows that Pirates are big here! Every year is Gasparilla with parades, boat parades, an “invading of the city” by pirates…it’s tradition here and people love pirates! So, when I was asked to design a boy girl twin set with a pirate theme for a Tampa mom, I was so excited!
We just wrapped it up, and here is the Printable Pirate Party Design we came up with!

We used the Punk Princess Set in the Shop as our starting point.

After adding a boy version, changing colors, and layout I think it turned out SO CUTE! What do you think?

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  1. Thank you for thinking of the boys too! We moms need to have resourses to draw from with cute (0-8) to more mature (8-16) ideas for planning a boys party. Thanks!

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