Happy Mardi Gras – where ever you are.

I warned you that you may get an occasional personal post…well, today is one of those days!

Although I miss living in Louisiana (Baton Rouge to be exact) at different times throughout the year, Mardi Gras is when it’s missed the most! Did you know, my niece didn’t have off for President’s Day….but she does for Mardi Gras! Actually, almost everyone has Mardi Gras off.

So, today, in the warm Florida sun, I have Mardi Gras in my heart (with visions of my neice and nephew marching around on their day off throwing beads at each other).

My Fat Tuesday inspirations –

a) The king cake that the kids and I devoured this morning (I have to laugh at the “safe” changes to the king cake baby…apparently now it is attached to a big crown to prevent choking, though I have never heard of anyone choking on a king cake baby…)

b) my most prized material possession, a wedding gift from my most amazing Uncle John Molnar (full post about him here) and Aunt Cathy. This painting hangs in the most important spot in my home and in my heart, and brings Louisiana to my soul every single day.

I hope this brings a little Mardi Gras to your Heart and Soul this FAT TUESDAY, where ever you may be!

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  1. The king cake…love this! Thought about making one for our family this year but ran out of time ~ and I don’t know how I would have explained a baby being BAKED into a cake 🙂

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