A Trip with my Bestie

Well, I am still catching up from my time away a few weeks ago, but wanted to share it with you quickly this morning! We all need a few quiet moments in life to “stop and smell the roses” and when you are like me running at full speed most of the time, it’s hard to force yourself to slow down. My husband is the same way and we have joked for years that we HAVE to vacation out of the country in order to stay off the phone and stop working.

{main road on the beach in Tulum}

Last year was our five year wedding anniversary, and we celebrated at home with a little girl and a very colicky little guy {I AM NOT A FAN of the word colic, but it’s the best way to describe it}. We decided this year, for our 6th anniversary, we would do our big five year trip! We started looking into places and options, some we had been too and some we hadn’t. We ended up settling on Tulum, Mexico, where we traveled for a wedding my husband was in three years ago. We loved it then, and we loved it just as much this time. Many people have gone to Tulum to see the Mayan Ruins, which is an amazing sight, but was very hot and yet they dont make it a little further south to see the beach town.  If you are looking for a huge fancy americanized hotel, don’t go here. If you want to eat burgers and fries….this isn’t really your place. If you love high heels and want to wear them on vacation, yes, not here. However, if you want beach cabanas instead of big hotel rooms, flip flops{or barefoot}  instead of anything closed toed, and a private feeling in a very eco friendly setting…you should make a point to visit Tulum! Our fine dining restaurant had the beach for a floor {and served some of the most amazing food I have ever had}, and the construction being done was with chisel and hammer.

This week woke us up, revitalized our hearts and souls and gave us a chance to talk, laugh, and just hang out. If you are the parent of young children (or ever have been) you know how hard it is to just “hang out and talk” with your spouse in day to day life! We took our own little adventures there, and snorkeled in underground caverns, and in lagoons full of exotic fish and sting rays, and even a grouper the size of my husband….NO KIDDING – it swam right in front of me! We rode the famous touristy zip lines and suspended bicycles over the tree tops. We hiked and biked around Mayan Ruins in Coba and drove around the bioshere between Tulum and Belize. We had our anniversary dinner (arranged in secret by my sweet hubby) at a private table for two among coconut palm trees on the beach…with a five course amazing dinner. We relaxed, talked, hung out, and made memories to last a lifetime.

{our beach, complete with beds, hammocks, and lounge chairs}

{anniversary dinner}

{crazy high ruins at Coba where they still allow you to climb}

{climbing up}

{a little warm out}

{my best friend}


Thanks for letting me share a bit of my time with you! If you have ever found the beach in Tulum, I would love to hear about it, and if you ever have the chance to go, take it! Also, if you ever have the chance to just hang out with your best friend, let every second feed your soul!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing photos & details about your vaca. It looks beautiful and this location is a must see on my list.
    So glad you got to enjoy time with your best friend! Hugs.

  2. Kori, Sounds and looks like an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing. It is always fun to get a way with the one that truly understands you. I’m sure your batteries are recharged and your creative juices are flowing. You two have memories to last a life time.

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