The Squidopus Owl {DIY FAIL}

So, today I am sharing a DIY fail for a few reasons

1) I think it’s funny

2) It’s better to try and fail than never try at all {at least that’s what I have been told}

3) because I still think the concept is cute and SOMEONE out there can make a true mason jar octopus that is simply adorable for a kids “Under the Sea Party“…with a few changes of course!

I saw a photo of some lollipops that were turned into little octopuses and they made me think I could use the same concept to create one out of the sweet painted Mason Jar I was given by Amy {Buggy & Jellybean}….I got out my supplies, I filled the jar with salt water taffy, cut the 8 tentacles, and screwed them into the lid. I used a 2″ punch {in retrospect…that’s too big} to punch out white circles and colored eyes on them, then taped them to the taffy pieces piled on top.

My daughter {3} watched and when I finished…I said “What does this look like?” She stood stunned for a while and said “um, a squid or a bird?”….well, she is three right? So, I wait and when hubby comes in he sees my test creation on the counter. His remark “That’s a cute owl, but what are all of the pieces of paper around it….you should put wings on it”….Gee thanks.

I fully intended to try and rework it…thinking smaller eyes and perhaps topping the jar with a piece of cute stuffed fabric to make the body more prominent. Then, like life does, we got busy and the Under the Sea Photo Shoot snuck up without redoing the Octopus.

So, I share instead the Squidopus Owl and encourage you to give it try if you need centerpieces or favors for an Under the Sea Party! Only…don’t try the Squidopus Owl, try the mason jar octopus making some serious changes.


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