Father’s Day Card Game

We are only a week and a half away from father’s day!! It seems this year is moving at warp speed, but this is one day we slow down to celebrate! We are surrounded by the most amazing father’s here…2 granddads {one in this world, one missed in heaven}, an amazing father in law and step father in law, a dad who inspires and challenges me constantly to achieve and believe in myself, and a husband who adores and dotes on our children while teaching them the values we hope for them to learn.  My dad and my husband enjoy puzzles – crosswords, suduko, word searches….so what would a perfect card for them be? One they open and read? Or a game that unlocks how we feel? Yep, I choose the game! Here is the card (we won’t give them the ones that are filled out of course…) we made for the dads in our life!

If you are my DAD OR HUSBAND….STOP READING HERE! Thanks and we love you!

When filled out, the card reads –

Dad, We celebrate you. Thank you for being the most amazing hero, support, teacher, guy, boo boo kisser, friend, believer, listener….DAD

There are the words “great company” in the photos, but they were changed as I changed the layout and forgot to move them…so they won’t be in the final file. Of course that doesn’t mean they are not great company!

Now, do you want to see the guys I am celebrating?

{Dad and hubby pictures taken by Courtney Vickers Photography}

Due the the hilarious nature of tickle monsters and balloon noises, both photos brought about a lot of laughs!

NOW, if the dad in your life like puzzles and games like mine….

CLICK HERE FOR AN AUTOMATIC FREE DOWNLOAD of this card in printable format!


29 thoughts on “Father’s Day Card Game”

  1. Kori,
    I have to tell you – I printed these and attached to my dads gifts. He’s not a crude person at all but I told him to do the word search and the first thing he said was “I see boob” – “Is boob a word” hahaha You know from boobookisser? I said why would boob be a word on father’s day card? He said well, that’s what I saw first?
    Later on yesterday my brother looked at a blank one and he said – why did you give dad a card that in the crossword says “boob kisser”. I was laughing so hard on the floor.
    Not only did you give some great printables but also some laughs for my fam this year. They normally aren’t perverted at all. hahahahaha

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  3. Thanks for the great ideas!!! The Grandkids and I have had making cards and gifts for their Dad…. Love the word search..

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