Yellow Brick Road Logo {Freelance Friday}

I couldn’t wait to show you this logo I recently designed for a new up and coming bakery! I had such fun working with Kelly on the Yellow Brick Road Logo and I just adore what we ended up with! It’s bright, happy, and fun….yet still simple… and the cards….so sweet!

It’s hard to believe summer is officially here!! How are you all enjoying it…for me, it is moving at WARP SPEED! We have been redoing our floors and keeping toddlers from going into most of the house is a challenge to say the least….add on swimming lessons, dance lessons, playdates and a mommy desperately trying to juggle it while working from home has left me little time to blog. Actually…it’s left little time in general…but don’t be mistaken, I. Love. Every. Single. Moment. I am so grateful to be able to do the job I love and spend time with my little ones…I just wanted to explain why you may not see as many posts lately…I am busy taking care of customers and kiddos!! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. Kelly~Yellow Brick Road Bake Shop

    Thanks again Kori! Everything turned out AMAZING! You were such a pleasure to work with!

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