Amelia’s Preppy Turtle Party {Customer Party}

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my daughter’s Preppy Turtle Party….and now we are in planning mode for her 4th birthday!! It’s wonderful to see parties that were inspired by it, like this adorable one from Nancy (PS she is also the wonderful lady behind this beautiful Pink Birdy Shower!!)! I love the tortoise and the hare twist Nancy put on it! It’s so creative!!! Here are the details from Nancy –

“I LOVE this party! Since both of my kids birthdays are in the Fall, I wanted to recreate it for my niece Amelia this May.

I contacted Kori and ordered the editable printable set and away I went! I used the
printable to set to create: Invitations, Dessert tags, Lunch box tags, Menu cards, Food markers, Book signing card, and Water bottle labels.

Party Favors:
All tags read, “You Are A Turtle-rific Friend Love, Amelia”
I created a card with a diamond background in pink and a turtle design to hold the custom
pink and green hair bows made for the little girls. The bows were displayed on a large
cork board I covered in pink and white paper.

For the little boys, I made the bag toppers using a green diamond background. The bags
were filled with turtle bubbles (Oriental Trading) and a turtle water squirter. The clear,
flat bottom bags were from ClearBags.

Games and Prizes:
Oreo Stacking: Keeping the tone of the party, we used Oreos stuffed with green and
pink fillings and the little ones had Oreo stacking contests … perfect for this age!

Turtle Pond: I ordered a bunch of turtles from Oriental Trading and placed #’s in pairs
on the bottom of each. If you found two matching turtles, you won a prize.

Prizes: A prize board was made with chalk, bubbles, stickers and more for little winners
to choose from.

Kiddie Table Setup:
We ordered kiddie tables for the front porch. I made the ribbon topiaries – my first try
and I have to say it was a really fun project! In the middle of the table I placed a cupcake
stand (Wal-Mart) with cupcake papers that contained white chocolate pretzels I splattered
with pink and green chocolate.

Each child had a boxed lunch in a white Gable box adorned with a label from the turtle
printable set. Inside, the boxes held a pack of Chick-Fil-A nuggets, a Fruit Buddy, bag of
chips and matching napkin and fork.

Adult Buffet:
Inside we set up a simple adult lunch buffet. The theme was a twist on our sweet turtle
graphic, “The Tortoise and The Hare Stop For Lunch”. I printed a menu on a card from
the printable turtle set. The theme was brought to life with a scene that included a cute
turtle (Hobby Lobby) and a beautiful dried Hydrangea bunny. I purchased boxed letters
from Hobby Lobby; painted them and then covered the fronts in a variety of coordinating
papers to spell the birthday girls name, Amelia! Mini paper flowers filled in a few gaps.
Food tags were created from the turtle printable set.

Dessert Buffet:
The dessert buffet was setup in the kitchen. My backboard was covered with a modern
green print from Hobby Lobby. I also purchased the white mirror frame from Hobby
Lobby and knocked out the mirror. The cupcake toppers were from Two Sugar Babies
(Etsy), as well as, the cake topper. Additional cupcake toppers were created from the
turtle printable set. The table also featured mini strawberry and mint chocolate chip ice
cream cones in my new favorite cone stand! I made pink and green chocolate dipped
marshmallows and more of the pink and green chocolate covered pretzels to serve at this
table. Water bottles were embellished with the turtle printable wraps.

Final Touches:

I made gift tags and a gift list to coordinate with the theme.

The birthday girl and cousin (my little girl) wore adorable matching outfits that their
Grandmother made out of precious turtle fabric.

Thank you so much Nancy for sharing the darling party you created for your niece!!!

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  1. This is such an ADORABLE party! It must be such a thrill when you see your printables “come to life” like this. So sweet…especially those little bows for the girls packaged so prettily and the ribbon topiary!

  2. What a cute party!! I’m a huge fan of turtles so instantly loved your post. It’s so much fun to be able to create everything to decorate for a party and see your vision come to life. Have a great weekend! =)

  3. What a cute party! Love all the personalized goodies especially the monogram cupcakes…GREAT job! Thanks for sharing.
    Amy @

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