PARTY SETS!! {finally}

I think I may be the last one on the block to only sell my items a la carte and I realize that more and more people want to throw a party and use the WHOLE set! I have been getting more than just a few inquiries on party sets…if I offer them, or when I will….so the answer is – NOW!

It will of course take me a bit of time to set up all of my listings in the shop for each set, but if you are interested in a set before it’s up, simply send us a message and I or my client coordinator Andrea (who answers most Etsy convos) will set up a custom listing for you….

{Toy Party and photos by Courtney Vickers Photography}

Now, do you want to know what you will get? And for how much?

**  An Invitation – it will have the the wording already added and by ready for you to print.This file comes as the invite 2 up on an 8.5″ x 11″ page for you to print and cut out.

**  An Editable Invitation – (when it is available in the shop…please note, NOT ALL SETS have an  editable invite) this file can be used for a menu, small signs, etc.

**  Customized party circles – 12 on a page and made to use with a 2″ circle punch

**  Editable tags or tent cards – for food, drinks, place cards, candy jars and more!

**  Editable banner – You get between 2 and 4 pages of editable banner designs depending on the set. Each pennant has a text box so that you may enter one letter and then save and repeat as many times as you like to make as many banners as you like!

**  Circle favor tags – 12 on a page and made to use with a 2″ circle punch

**  AND….for my crafty friends that request this often, you will also have FULL PATTERN PAPER!!! Yes, this means you don’t have to match scrap paper to your set, just make your own! I take a lot of pride in the fact that I illustrate my designs from start to finish, I draw my own damasks, frames, and patterns to try and give you something unique. What better way to show off this piece of background art, than by giving you full sheets of it! The number of patterns will vary per set.

For the “Under the Sea” Party, I used my pattern paper to create water bottle labels, stickers, straw flags, and more as seen in these photos!

And now…if you made it this far, you should know what the price is….

Added up as individual items your total would be – $59 not including the pattern paper….

The SETS will be in the shop for $45!!!

Everything in the shop is still available individually and there are more party items you can add to your set separately…but after asking around, I felt this was a great party pack!

**PLEASE NOTE, color changes and customizations are NOT AVAILABLE with the party packs!**

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Wishing you great sucess with the sets! We hope to have many parties at In Flight with your printables, always love the editable ones 🙂

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