B is for Boys {will be Boys} Shower Invite

I am so excited to be co-hosting a baby shower for a super sweet friend in a few weeks. Lucky for me, my co-hosts all come with amazing talent – we have Courtney {My Fabulous Photographer}, Kara {ridiculous baker and decorator by hobby}, and Wendy {crafty talents galore…she even made clothes for my Charlotte}….. Talk about making a party easy!

We started the theme thinking of the nursery for our friend’s second Baby Boy….frogs…which led to thinking of all the gross boy things. Next thing you know, we had the perfect boy invite for her and worked together getting words for each letter. I will post them at the end, so you don’t have to strain your eyes reading the photos! =)

Now for the wording – My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of this design

A- is for adorable

B- is for Boys {will be Boys}

C-is for Croak

D-is Dirt

E- is for Earthworm

F-is for Frog

G-is for Gross

H-is for Hop

I- is for Ick

J- is for Jump

K- is for Kick

L- is for Lilypad

M-is for Mud

N- is for Na Na Na Boo Boo

O- is for is for Overalls {with worn out knees}

P- is for Pollywog

Q-is for Quick

R-is for Ribbit

S- is for Slimy

T-is for Tadpole

U- is for Unbelievable Love

V-is for Very Silly

W- is for Wet Willies

X-is for X-Rays {when boys play}

Y- is for Yucky

and as the mom of a little boy….my favorite

Z- is for Zillions of days full of slimy, silly, lovable boys

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