HGTV Party Planning 101 {PRESS}

I would be willing to guess that most of you are already aware of the designs I created as FREE party invitations for, but I realized yesterday that I hadn’t actually written a blog post about it….I only added it to the press page and posted it on Facebook! When I received an email yesterday from with links to their Party Planning 101 guide I felt overcome with excitement and gratitude all over again! I adore HGTV (and spent most of my late nights watching when my daughter was a baby), so to see them coming up more and more with party ideas is just fantastic! I had to share it here on my blog!

{see the link on the bottom left of the screen shot – Printable Party Invites… designs are in there!!!!}

Here are the designs I created especially for

Download the Sweet Chevron Design from HERE

Download the Place Setting Design HERE

Download your Mod Yellow and Grey Design HERE

All of the designs in this set (which includes several other designers) are free downloads that are intended to be used throughout the year for a variety of events!! If you haven’t already, download all 16 designs and keep them in your party planning arsenal to print out as you need!

I am so overwhelmed some days with gratitude for all that has happened over the last year and a half. Gratitude for the amazing people I have had the chance to meet (and can now call friends), the amazing support of my friends and family, and the incredible opportunities like this that I still have a hard time believing……

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