Do I look excited? Yes??? Well, that’s because I am!!! Today is the first day of FALL! Living in the south my whole life, I realize that my “fall” isn’t really the same as other places….but it’s beautiful and appreciated just the same! Here fall means temperatures in the 70s, playing outside, and enjoying this beautiful area we live in. I think my love of fall goes back to the childhood memories I have as well…going to my grandparents in Mississippi and walking in the countryside, seeing cousins, and eating everything we could find. This year I decided to do a photo shoot and printables that are focused on my Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorating styles all rolled into ONE! I am so excited to share it with you next week, but I couldn’t help but show you a {SNEAK PEEK} at what’s coming!!

{DIY Marshmallow Pumpkins – Tutorial Coming Soon}

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