{Something New} Inspirations and Mood Boards

I am trying something new and I would LOVE to hear your feedback!! OK, so it’s not “new” to blogging, but it’s new to me and something I feel is missing in the world of party blogs…and it could be because it’s not needed….but I would love to hear your thoughts on Mood Boards…

It plain and simple – photos aimed at providing inspiration when planning parties….not the traditional “inspiration boards” I usually post with photos from different real parties, products, or crafts and links back to those. These inspirations are meant to be much broader and just leave you feeling inspired to design/create/plan your event. Perhpas they would be good to print and pin on the inspiration board for an event…they are meant to capture feelings, colors, and moods….you get it yet? I am going to begin posting Mood Boards aimed at party planning. I LOVE mood boards…and follow a lot of interior design blogs and fashion blogs just to see the mood boards and when thinking about my blog last week…it hit me that I really wished someone would do mood boards for parties too.

This is a pink & green mood board I photographed today, and I hope to begin posting a lot more of these in different colors and themes….

This is something I LOVE and think would be a great addition to the blog….but I want to know if you agree or if you prefer the projects with links?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and thanks to A Creative Mint for providing such beautiful mood board inspiration!

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  1. I love the idea of Mood Boards.
    I can’t tell you how many things I’ve found and have become inspired by you from your site….think how much more you could do for little people like me 🙂
    This is probably one of my top sites I visit on a daily basis. For that, I thank you!

  2. Kori,

    This is a great idea, although its new to me. I might be able to use it somehow to get my own creative juices going.

  3. This is a fab idea! I think many of us already do this informally, so lovely to view in the format you showed. I have bits and pieces of pink and green out on the table at the moment for a morning tea I am hosting on Friday. Thanks for sharing. Alison.x.

  4. Hi Kori, I think your mood board idea is fantastic and these photos look beautiful. That fresh green is perfect! I am looking forward to seeing more!!!

    1. Thank you so much everyone for the feedback!! Leslie, I am so glad you like it and I am so excited about what I can do with this to **hopefully** inspire the party lovers!!

  5. Kori, this is beautiful! Oh my gosh, your photos are fantastic and it so artistic! I was in our BYW class, but getting a late start at looking at everyone’s sites. This is the prettiest mood board I’ve seen yet. I’ve got to ask, how did you get that banner strip “pink and green” on the photo? Or I guess I should ask “where?” I really want to try that, if you don’t mind sharing. Also, love you Etsy shop. You have gorgeous products.

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