Party Friday!!

Did you notice the post? The one that said “Party Friday”? Not that you pay that close of attention, but last week it was “Etsy Party Friday”. I originally wanted to promote Etsy Sellers….considering I am an Etsy seller, but in thinking about it, I have a lot of great, fabulous vendors I want to share with you and they aren’t all on Etsy. As much as I LOVE and ADORE Etsy, I also love and adore party vendors of all kinds….so starting today it’s Party Friday!!!

{Photos Courtesy of My Party Is Over}

Today I wanted to share a new kind of party vendor with you….a resale party goods shop! We all know how expensive planning a party can get, so Nancy decided to help out! You can log onto My Party Is Over to shop for a few party items that match your theme and keep your cost down! Some are decor items that are barely used, some were only used in photoshoots, and some items were extras that never were used at all!

{Photos Courtesy of My Party Is Over}

Now…after your party is done….and you used those amazing party finds once…and you look around (Or in my case, your husband looks in the garage) and realize you are out of room. Simply log on and list those items that you think someone else may need or want!

Easy! It’s such a fabulous concept! Thanks Nancy for this great new site, My Party Is Over!

Happy Friday!


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