Party Sneaks

What a week! I hosted two parties last week and by yesterday I was so exhausted that I was barely able to move! My “baby” turns two this Thursday and we have a playgroup of little friends who have birthdays all in the same couple of months. Last Wednesday we hosted a party to celebrate all of the little birthdays in the group and since we have both boys and girls, I decided on the Rainbows and Rocketships theme!

On Saturday we planned a small party for some of our family friends to celebrate the little guys birthday!  We had several of our close friends get sick and we missed them tons, but we had a great time and somehow at the 12th hour everything came together! Here are some sneak peeks from both parties and once I get the time to edit the photos, I will share them both!

Rainbows & Rocketships

Train Party

I hope you are all off to a great week!! Don’t forget to enter the custom design giveaway!!

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