2 Years Ago Today

{Photography by Courtney Vickers Photography}

Two years ago this morning, I sat sobbing in a doctor’s office while she was trying to figure out what was wrong. I went in for my last prenatal appointment, with an induction scheduled for the next day. Honestly, I was scared of the “unknown” and my hormones were crazy…and I really thought that when we set the induction date, that I would never make it. So, that morning my doctor told me I hadn’t made any progress and to pack up to head in to the hospital that night, to start induction the following day…and I broke down. It was so real all at once. Charlotte wasn’t going to be the “only baby” anymore, we were going to meet our little guy one way or another by the following day, and how do you really prepare to “meet” your child for the first time. Once I gathered my emotions back up and promised the doctor I was fine, I went home to start making sure everything was ready….it wasn’t until about 4pm when I realized I was already in labor and the induction was out the window. Holden joined our family on December 8, 2009 at 10:00pm and he has had us all wrapped around his fingers ever since. His sister has adored him since day one. She will give up anything and everything to make him laugh. His dad loves sharing his childhood toys he saved like cars and trains (that my daughter had no interest in). And as for me, I might as well have “sucker” stamped on my forehead, because I will do anything for my little man. He has brought silly, boy anticts into our family. He growls like a wrestler, he almost shakes with excitement when he sees a “choo choo TWAIIIIN”, and he makes us all laugh every. single. day. It’s so strange to me that two years have gone so fast….and yet it seems like he has always been here. He made our little family feel so full and I honestly don’t remember a world that my kids didn’t exist in. Maybe that’s because they have always been in my heart.

Happy Second Birthday to my little Prince.


PS I will be posting the giveaway winners this afternoon!!! YAY!


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