Branding {circa 2012}

If you aren’t following me on Facebook…then you may have missed some of the hints I have been giving away…but I have a lot going on right now! I have some very exciting things in the works that I will be sharing with you soon…but until then, I wanted to show off my new business cards! I ordered them in a variety of colors…as I sometimes just can’t make up my mind, so what’s a girl to do?

What do you think??


0 thoughts on “Branding {circa 2012}”

  1. I haven’t been on facebook much lately and today while at work I realized I had not gotten an update on your blog lately. I was wondering if everything was okay with you. I love the cards. May have you make me some up.

  2. I noticed the new logo revamp… but, I didn’t know if you were just testing the waters or if it was a permanent move (lol). I change my blog and logo design at minimum quarterly (as if I have nothing else better to do)… It’s a blessing and (sometimes) a curse to be able to design your own things because it gives you the flexibility to change things up whenever you want to, but I love your new look it’s so clean and chic and describes your style perfectly – beautiful cards by the way!

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