A Working {Etsy} Vacation

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I have gone back and forth many times trying to decide if I should put the Etsy Shop on vacation so I can focus on several big projects I am working on. The Etsy shop is the base of Paper & Pigtails, so putting it on vacation is a hard decision, but in this case…I know it’s necessary for me to focus on the fantastic projects I have in the works!!

It’s hard to admit sometimes that I can’t juggle every ball at the same time, but I know I need to focus on some amazing things this week! Some of the projects are ones that need my attention now…but will be a huge help to Paper & Pigtails later.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be on the blog or Facebook…or my email, probably the opposite. I am hoping to catch up on some blogging that has been pushed aside too, as I have quite a few parties to share and new designs to add to the shop.

Obviously I will not get completely caught up in one week….but I am hoping this week will allow me to cross a number of these things off of my list so I can get back to focusing on orders and my amazing customers!


3 thoughts on “A Working {Etsy} Vacation”

  1. Instead of vacation like it is closed, just put on there that the orders will be taking a week or so more to fill. Maybe it is time to hire an assistant??
    No matter what, your true fans will still be here whatever you decide.

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