A little of my Soul…

My heart is racing…I feel like I am sharing a lot more than a new design, or a new line… more like a little of my soul…I have been telling you that I was working on a new stationery line…unlike anything in the printable shop. I am over the top excited with how things are coming along and although there is still work to be done before I open the shop for these little guys…I couldn’t wait any longer to share a peek at what I am working on.

Before college, I didn’t use a computer much, other than to play games. After college, computers became a way of life and art for me and I loved it (still do)…but in doing some soul searching and looking for something I really felt was my style, I ended up taking art back to pencil and paper. When Elissa of One Stone Events came to me with the concept of her little guys birthday party (A party inspired by the children’s book “Guess How Much I love You”) she said that she didn’t want it to look LIKE the book at all but more wanted a party based on the garden and bunnies, she wanted to incorporate ferns and carrots, and have a design with a very hand done look….this opened up my eyes to combining my pencil sketches and my stationery line into a new line of hand illustrated, printed children’s stationery. I will be sharing more soon as I am in the midst of test prints and packaging trials….but I had to share the invite for Elissa’s little guy…I think this will be one of my all time favorites and it will definitely be in the shop when it opens!!

I hope you all love this new design and I can’t wait to share the others that are in the works!


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