Rainbows & Rocketships {My little Guys 2nd Birthday}

Well, my little baby turned two in December. I think I have been in denial….I don’t like to talk about it. As far as I am concerned, he is a little tiny baby. When he talks in sentences I almost fall over…I mean wasn’t he just born? So perhaps this denial has had me procrastinating posting about his birthday parties…but they did happen, and there were two of them. This is the first one and I figured what better time to show off some rainbows than right before St. Pattys Day! We have a great group of little friends who all celebrated birthdays around the same time. We moms talked about how we wanted to each do more of a small family party, but we wanted a party for the kids to celebrate together too. I decided to host a playdate birthday party durning the week for all of the little ones. Since we were celebrating both boys and girls birthdays, I went with the Rainbows and Rocketships theme so there would be something for everyone. It was a low key and inexpensive party, but the kids had fun and so did the moms!

I love the cookies from Better Bit of Butter! I ALWAYS get the BB minis as they are like “2 bite cookies”. These are my husbands favorite cookies!

Talk about inexpensive decor, toilet paper rolls covered in crepe paper….with crepe paper streamers and a slit circle for the top!! Idea came from HERE.

I am sure you can’t see the glitter, but take my word for it…the glittery clouds were the cutest, sweetest things ever from Edible Details!

I love the innovation…cupcake toppers turned into built in scoops.

This star wars shirt was pretty close to rainbows and rocketships, would you agree?? My baby.

Fondant Circles from Editable Details matched the printable design so perfectly!!

I learned the hard way that bright Florida run + rockets and “rainbows” hanging all through the pool cage = a lot of shadows on the dessert table….

Soon I will show off the little guys OTHER small party!

Amazing vendors!

Party Invites and Printables – Paper & Pigtails

Custom Cookies – Better Bit of Butter

Fondant Toppers – Edible Details

Lots of inexpensive party goodies – Oriental Trading

And a special thanks to my friend Lisa for the fruit rainbow!!


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