Let the Sun Shine

We have had the most amazing weather here this week…and I have been sick. My kids and hubby always seem to catch the illness of the week and somehow I escape unharmed almost every time…except for this one. I actually have been sick for several weeks, but finally went to the doctor on Monday and now…three days later…I am starting to feel human again! I hate that I haven’t been able to enjoy this amazing weather we have been having, so today the windows are open and I plan on spending time with the laptop on our patio! To celebrate my return to normalcy – I made a pretty little “feel good” picture to show my mood! Enjoy…I am off to soak up the sun!

I hope you let the sun shine in today!! 

3 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine”

  1. Hello. I am interested in creating a book for the teachers at our school where they can provide information about themselves. I would like to use this as the front cover. May I please have permission to use this as the front cover of a book where colleagues can go to look at each others hobbies, favorite color, snack, etc. to surprisingly render a kind gesture. This is an effort to sow into each other as we pour into our students everyday. Thanks so much. If so, would you please send a copy via e-mail that I can print out and place inside the front sleeve of the notebook? Thanks so much!

  2. Hello,

    I want if it s possible to use the picture “let the sunshine in” for our sticker or stamp to put on the letters that we want to sent to announce our wedding with my future wife?
    we leave in france in vichy. Thanks for you answer

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