8000 Freebie #1 – Back to School

Dearest Blog, I missed you this summer!! I really have meant to post more often, but …well…. yeah. It’s not because I took the summer off, though I have been enjoying my kids and family time. I have had a lot of work flooding through my computer and some ridiculously exciting projects I am itching to share, so expect posts to come more often now!

The first of these exciting posts has to do with my sweet and fabulous Facebook fans!!! I wanted to do something special for the 5000 milestone, and somehow life slipped away before I had a chance…so when I got close to 8,000 I knew I wanted to show my appreciation for you all!! I love to interact and have a social outlet for the business and it means a lot to me that you guys all are there!! I said that when I hit 8000 fans, I would give away a free printable every week for 8 weeks and I hit that milestone this weekend!

For the first FREE printable, I figured I better do a Back To School printable since school is starting very soon in most places! This little desk tag is made to be cut with a 2″ round punch and you can tie up pencils, pens, etc with it for back to school gifts!! WRITE ON!!



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